Why can’t I see your prices?

Only trade customers who register can see the full range of our products with prices.

Why do you ask for registration and references for new customers?

Our company is strictly Business-to-Business. In order to protect our existing trade customers we require customers to register so that we can be sure that we are dealing only with genuine trade customers. We ask for references, or some proof of trade, such as a link to a sales platform or website, to confirm business status (not for credit purposes). If you are able to direct us to a business platform it is not necessary to give the names of referees – please just complete those sections with the words ‘new customer’.

What if I am not yet trading but want to start a business?

We understand that it is difficult to start out and gain access to wholesalers. If this is the case please enter ‘new business’ in the reference boxes or give us a ring to discuss the situation and we will do what we can to help.

How long after we register will we be able to use the website?

You will receive an e-mail from us confirming your registration and password usually by the next working day if possible.

Is your live chat a robot?

No, you will be chatting to one of our members of staff.

Is your jewellery real silver?

Yes, we deal only in precious metals; Sterling Silver and 9 and 18 carat gold. (Please see Hallmarking information under ‘Hallmark Guarantee’.) The UK Hallmarking Act requires all silver items over 7.78g to be hallmarked and all gold over1.0 g. Below these weights there is no legal obligation for items to be stamped although they must still comply with the necessary standards. However, we recognise that customer confidence requires some form of proof and therefore the majority of our silver products will be stamped with 925, SIL or SILVER and gold with 375 or 750 respectively. (See the Metals and Materials and Hallmark Guarantee sections for further explanation.)

What are the platings and coatings used?

Fashions for yellow and rose gold colours but at affordable prices led us to offer gold-on-silver items as part of our range. In addition, many items additionally have coatings to provide resistance to wear and/or tarnishing. Please see our Metals and Materials section which has all of the information about the metals and materials used in our products. Please note that we deal only in precious metals.

Does silver tarnish?

Unfortunately tarnishing due to the chemical composition of silver can be a problems for silver and low carat gold items.

Sterling silver is an alloy of silver and small amounts of base metals such as copper. The chemical make-up of silver means that it can be prone to tarnishing as the copper reacts with sulphur-containing gases in the air to form a layer of the compound copper sulphide (Cu2S).

Tarnish occurs gradually when the surface of metal is exposed to air and moisture. A chemical reaction begins to take place (known as oxidation), as the metal reacts with sulphur in the air which, in turn, starts to form a dark layer all over the items in question. This process is often exacerbated by being exposed to the air, the presence of moisture, chemicals or bodily sweat, etc.

Traders are advised to store their jewellery prior to sale in a dry place away from light or heat and to equip their workplace with impregnated silver cloths or solutions which can help if tarnishing develops.


What is your system once we order?

Orders may be placed via the website, email, mail, fax or telephone. The items will be ‘picked’ and the order processed by the dispatch team.

Payment is not currently available through the website and most new customers start by paying by proforma. Once the order is ready for dispatch customers are notified of the amount due and a copy of the invoice is sent with a payment request via a World Pay link. Customers are charged only for items in stock and available.

Ordering Options

The CME website gives customers information about the availability of our products and the options for ordering with stock levels being updated hourly.

In-stock: This indicates that the products are in stock and can be added to orders and sent immediately.

Partially available: This indicates that the products are in stock but that the stock is limited in number.

Available for pre-order: Buyers may choose to pre-order products which are not currently in stock. These products may become available immediately or usually within 10 weeks. Products pre-ordered will be left on pre-order for 10 weeks. When these products come back into stock they can be added to any subsequent order made by the Buyer or these extra products can be dispatched separately. Where Customers require just the pre-ordered products separately from any subsequent order these can be sent as required but customers must be aware that the cost of postage for these extra items will be added. Customers are advised to use the live chat line or telephone for information about expected delivery dates for out-of-stock goods.

Back orders: it may be that occasionally products may be shown as ‘In stock’ on the website erroneously. If an instance occurs where any of the products ordered by the customer are not in stock at the time the order is placed, but shown on the website as being available, the customer will be offered the option of placing the goods on back order for future delivery. CME reserves the right to cancel goods on back order. No carriage charge is made for goods on back order.

Telephone Orders: Buyers who place orders by fax, telephone or e-mail will be informed of items that are available or out of stock prior to the order being picked.

What is your minimum order?

As we are strictly a Business-to-Business company we ask that customers spend £150 (excluding VAT) on an initial order and thereafter £25. This ensures that it is cost effective for customers in terms of using their credit cards and postal charges. The website will not accept orders or less than £25.

Can I keep adding and changing my order once placed?

We make every attempt to combine orders to make it economical for postage. One amendment is acceptable providing it is before 1pm. However, once the order has been both picked and processed, we cannot add additional items. I am sure customers will appreciate that to repeatedly re-process orders is time consuming and can delay delivery of orders for other customers.

Which postal system do you use and how is the delivery charge calculated?

UK orders are generally sent by Royal Mail Special Delivery and will be charged at cost which depends on the value and weight of the shipment.

How fast are your delivery times?

We attempt to deliver within one to two days and orders are dispatched on the day payment is received. The post leaves the building at 4.15 pm and so to ensure dispatch please make sure that payment is cleared by 3.30 pm.

How do I pay you?

Payment is via credit card, BACS or cheque. (Please make cheques payable to CME Leicester Limited.) We use Worldpay payment system and send customers a payment link, but customers may prefer to make payment by telephone or BACS. Our bank details are given on your proforma invoice.

What do I do if there is a mistake in my order?

If you have a mistake in your order please let us know as soon as possible and we will attempt to rectify this as soon as possible. If you need to return an item sent in error – please post this back and we will refund or send a replacement.

Are goods on back order charged at the price they were when first ordered?

Prices are fixed to customers at the point of dispatch (see Terms and Conditions and answer above). Customers are entitled to cancel orders if the price of a previously ordered item is increased and therefore unacceptable to them.

Can I open an account?

Most customers are proforma but if customers order regularly and at a reasonable level over a period of at least six months they may apply for an account. We have a form to complete and you will be asked to provide credit references.

What about a discount?

CME offers good quality at very competitive prices and keep our prices low for all customers. Consequently, we do not routinely offer discounts on stock items.

We do also have an extensive range of discounted goods – please see the Special Offers section of the website.

How often do you change your prices?

We make every effort to keep our prices stable. However, as we deal only in precious metals, prices are subject to fluctuations in precious metal values and currency rates so there are times when we need to adjust the prices. Prices are fixed to customers at the point of delivery (see Terms and Conditions) but, otherwise, prices may go up or down. We do not add a surcharge to existing stock when prices soar, and we pass savings on to customers when prices are low.

Can we return items?

We do not offer a sale-or-return service (please see Terms and Conditions). Items which have manufacturing faults will, of course, be exchanged or refunded. Postage will be refunded on manufacturing faults but not on items returned for other reasons. Please use the Returns Form available on the website.

Can we use your images?

CME customers are welcome to use all of the stock images on the website. These can be accessed by right clicking any image on the website and pressing the download option.

We also have a photo share service which shares some banner and lifestyle shots. These can be accessed by navigating to ‘My Account’ and pressing the ‘Downloadable Images’ button.

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Can I let my customer view items on your website?

Yes and there is the ability to hide our prices when you do so – just click on ‘My Account’ and then ‘Hide Website Prices’. When you’re done, go back and turn them on again.

Can I have bespoke items ordered or made?

Yes, we love to work with companies to develop new items for their ranges. Please be aware that for bespoke items the minimum quantity may be 50 items or more. Please contact the buying and design team tracey@cmejewllery.co.uk to discuss any project you would like to develop.

Do you use eco-or recycled silver?

We recycle all of our scrap silver. This is used to manufacture products that are made in the UK. We do not advertise this as we cannot be sure that these are made from our recycled silver directly or that no new silver has been added.

Can you explain ring sizing to me?

Unfortunately, there is no international standard for converting ring sizes from one country to another. The UK, generally, uses letters of the alphabet with the most popular sizes depending on the style of ring and it’s intended wearer – men usually require larger sizes than women.

We stock from as small as size D, through, in some cases, to size Z whilst trying to stock those sizes likely to be requested for that style. (Sizes L-R are those most commonly available.) However, please note that there may be slight variation in the sizes. We advise all retailers to have the means to size and check their own rings. Most jewellers find a standard ring stick the best option- the size is taken from the leading edge of the ring (nearest the handle of the ring stick).

If an item is discounted or a special offer – does this mean that it is going to be discontinued?

This is generally the case although we may have a significant amount of the special offer in stock. Occasionally we discount a running line. Please contact us for information if you wish to know the stock availability. Special offers that sell particularly well are occasionally re-instated as current lines.

Do your products come boxed?

As our goods are unbranded the majority of our customers prefer to use their own branded packaging. However, we do have a selection of plain boxes available separately as shown in the Sundries section of the website.


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