CME Jewellery Wholesale. We supply a large selection of wholesale silver and gold jewellery

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CME is a UK based trade-only wholesale jewellery supplier with over 35 years experience in the jewellery industry. We sell silver and 9ct gold wholesale jewellery at competitive prices.

We therefore respectfully ask that you complete a login process via one of the links below to access the main site. Once you have registered you will then be able to view the complete range, select your products and forward your order for processing.

If you are an existing customer and have not registered for the site before you may gain access by confirming your details and telling us your desired password. (Please note that if you are placing an order for a special item and will be paying by credit card then we must ask for a minimum order of £25.)

New customers are asked to give a few details about their business, along with proof of their trade status, in order to be considered as a regular purchaser. We ask for an initial order of at least £150 which will normally be processed on a proforma basis. All information will be kept in the strictest confidence.

If you have already registered for site access then please enter via the login above.