The Art of Layering

12 June 2020

The Art of Layering

[Birthstones from the top H2276/C, H3106/E, H3106/J, H2276/K. ChainH3067/S/R/Y]

The Art of Layering – why sell one piece when you can sell a collection?

Despite layering of necklaces featuring on the catwalk for a couple of years it is only since the end of 2019 that we’ve seen strong growth in sales in the real world! Necklaces, bracelets, anklets rings and earrings can be stacked or layered, but for now let’s look at the trend for layering chains and necklaces.
Layering’s appeal lies in the variety; for customers they have the chance to mix their own sentimental, symbolic favourites and vintage finds with new buys and build their look gradually, and for traders it’s a chance to add to their customer’s collection or provide the whole shebang! There’s no one size fits all — this trend mixes texture, weight, stone set, plain and colour. It’s a very personal expression of personality with lots of opportunity for offering choice. Look over your stock of pendants and chains; there may be a new lease of life for something pretty that has otherwise fallen out of fashion when mixed and matched with other pieces.

Different lengths of chain

One style of layering gives each individual piece its moment in the sun. Staggering chain lengths allows each individual piece to shine, creating depth and texture. Adjustable chains and chokers can be an invaluable addition here, one chain – different lengths and different options. It can be helpful when styling to think of three lengths; choker, mid-length and long but you can layer 2, 3, 4 or more!

H3067/S slider necklace – just slip on the pendant and adjust! Customers have requested this in longer 61cm lengths in silver and yellow gold-plated silver – helpful for customers who want to add a pendant and then slip the chain over their head – so keep checking the What's New section for the forthcoming H4116/S and /Y.

Blog- The Art of Layering 1.2 pic

​[Chain light box slider H3067/S]

Mix and match chain styles and weights

Customers may prefer to create a more relaxed ‘thrown together’ look (it’s been called 'neckmess' by some) by mixing the delicate with chunky chains. Reflect on your chain choices – do you always buy box – or curb or belcher – how about a change or mix it up?

Try offering plain or textured heavy chain with delicate pendants strung on satellite chains. Here the heavy H3901-46 chain makes the dainty items ‘pop’.

Blog- The Art of Layering 3.2 pic

[Pendants: H3989/Y, H3998/Y. Chain from the top H3901-46, H1240-46, H3885-50. Earring H3964/Y, H3966/Y, H3977/Y]

Mingle colours

Offer single colour combinations for the purists but fashionistas like to mix the cool of silver with the warmth of yellow-gold plate. (2020’s favourite colour by far.)

Blog- The Art of Layering 3.5 pic

[H3883-43, H3939-43, H3316-45]
These items come ready mixed

Blend materials and styles

Style it with stones, pearls, different colours, amber, CZ, antique, modern – variety is the key.
Don’t overlook amber, statement pieces and keepsake pieces such as lockets.

Blog- The Art of Layering 4.2

[Pearl ring H3198/W, pearl necklace H2160-90, pearl bracelet H2371/W, pendant H3923/S, leather bracelet H3090-22. Chains from top L6950-46, H1217-51, H1047-56]

The pearl necklace teamed with oxidised chain and leather softens and feminises te style showing that edgy biker look is not just for the boys.

Personalise it

Personalisation doesn’t have to mean investing in expensive engraving tools, but can be collections of pendants that help customers tell their story. Pendants represent anything and everything from love and friendship to faith and strength; hearts, trees-of-life, birth flowers, crosses, birthstones, initials – the trend for the unique and personal never fades. Often what makes a successful trader is someone with an eye who can combine or adapt ‘off the shelf’ pieces to create something new for their customers.

Blog- The Art of Layering 5.2 pic

[Pendants; H4049/Y, H4045/Y, H4044/Y. Chain H1240-36, H3885-40, H1240-46. Earring H4052/Y, H3977/Y, H3966/Y]

Ready-made Style

Some buyers like ready-made style —the look with less effort! We’ve seen growth in sales of the double and triple necklaces.

Blog- The Art of Layering 6.2 pic

[Necklaces: H2480-45, H2826-76. Hoops: H3283. Rings H2763/G, H2769/G]

This pretty triple layered necklace has been popular, combined here with a 76cm cubic zirconia necklace.

Blog- The Art of Layering 7.2 pic

[Necklace H4002/S, Earrings H3964/S. Signet rings: H3297, H2269, H2271, H2269. Bracelet H3898-20, H3935/S,H4006-19]

We love the simplicity and effortless elegance of this new double necklace layer for the switch between day and evening.

Showing Off

Selling 'looks' like layering can be difficult because of the problem of displaying them to full advantage. Customers have told us that using photos and posters, as well as getting staff to wear combinations, is effective. We've found at the trade shows that the busts can do the trick, with the advantage that combinations can be changed easily and regularly.

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