What sells online? Part 2

04 September 2020

Selling Online

As mentioned in part 1, it is important to find your own unique jewellery niche and not just copy others. Set out to create a collection with its own style and character.
Here are just some suggestions to show how you might create a look and feel unique to you.


This works well for many customers. It has that ‘hand-crafted’, edgy feel and can be a good bed-partner to a brand’s own handmade products.


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[Top Row: Jade earring R4834/J, Ethnic hinged hoop H3802, Toe ring H3601, Wave cuff H2229, Spike huggie-hoop H3590/C,
Bottom Row: Compass ring H3833/Y, Angel wing anklet H2663-25, Angel H3923/S, Phoenix H2748, Double-sided sun and moon pendant H3821/s]

Light and fashionable works

A winning approach for online sales but you need to keep up with the trends. Buying online appeals to a generation weaned on technology and they tend to be forward-looking and more trend-aware.

This year’s trends include rainbow inspired pieces, ear cuffs and chain link everything (earrings, pendants and rings) and, for men, the curb chain inspired by the TV series, Normal People. Look out for popular styling trends with lots of layering for rings, necklaces and bracelets and yellow gold-plate as the metal colour of the season.


Blog What sells online? Part 2.3

[Top Row: Opal/chain earring H3958/Y, Ear cuff H3967/Y, Rainbow necklace H3993/Y, Anklet H3929-25,, Bee stacker ring H3995/Y
Bottom Row: CZ disc and charm H3998/Y, Birthstone star H3524/L, Chain-link climber H4010/S, Star push-through H3435/Y, Curb chain 2356-50]

Classic with a modern twist - affordable luxury

Sophisticated and great for gifts and special occasions. Once customers are confident with the quality offered they will be prepared to spend a little more.


Blog What sells online? Part 2.4

[Top Row: Oval CZ pendant H3987/S, Pearl hoop H3985/Y, Snaffle bracelet H3186/C, Watch-band bracelet H3822/S, Synthetic sapphire ring R7491/S,
Bottom Row: Textured hoops H4035/S, Yellow CZ necklace H4024/Y, Four-leaf clover locket H3990/S, Textured necklace H3937-43, Double huggie-hoop H3364/S]

All out Antique style

Vintage and antique style never really goes out of fashion and appeals to a target audientce of all ages.


Blog What sells online? Part 2.5

[Top Row: Locket 3901, Ring H1845/C, Marcasite earring L5933, Fan flower necklace H3213/Y, Engraveable disc H3693/S,
Bottom Row: Belcher chain L6476-61, Pearl and CZ brooch H3194/W, Bracelet H3935/Y, CZ locket R7702/C, Earring R9917/C]


Go amber, gold; or sparkly CZ; earrings, or symbolic jewellery …..


Blog What sells online? Part 2.6

[Top Row: Starfish earring H4093/B, Circle drops H4125/B, Pendant H4076/G, Bangle H3725/M, Necklace H3636/L,
Bottom Row: Moon pendant H4101/B, Ring H3688/M, Brooch/pendant H3556/M, Bracelet H3772/B, Key H4102/B]

Everyday design

Have a stash of reliable sellers – these are items which make sound everyday collections and are proven long-term sellers even if they don’t look as if they will set the world on fire as individual items. These are often the lines that people buy for themselves and wear every day.

Check out our ‘Trusted’ sash on the website for more items that have sold reliably over a long period of time.


Blog What sells online? Part 2.7

[Top Row: CZ studs in many guises sell well R9454/C, Bead studs in packs of 10 2817, Bangle H1951/S, Chain 2355-45, Hoops R9182,
Bottom Row: St Christopher 2495/S, Bracelet H1451/S Anklet L9091-24, Drop earring H1792, Heart Locket R9363]

A word about personalisation

Personalisation has been the overarching theme for jewellery for the last few years and the focus on individualism is not going away. Many established online customers are able to offer personalised services which involve engraving involving expensive machinery, but for sellers new to the market it is possible to offer a chance for customers to celebrate their individuality and their own stories in a number of ways.


Blog What sells online? Part 2.8

[ Rings from top to bottom: H2973/Y, H4086/Y, H3951/Y, H3995/Y, H4087/Y, H4037/Y, H4089/B, Charm bracelet 2416, Crown 2561, Coach R1007, Bridge R1009, Big Ben R1010, Post Box R2819, R2820, Bus R1012, Earring hoops H3107/Y, H4000/Y]

Products that celebrate special occasions, birthdays or anniversaries unique to the individual, can be mixed and matched to create customised looks. The fashion for layering and stacking with earrings, necklaces and rings is a great chance to offer unique styles and looks to your customers that they can combine for themselves.

Charm bracelets, too, come in all sizes and styles now and are more popular than ever and present the opportunity to create a collection for customers to choose their individual statement looks.

Blog What sells online? Part 2.9

[Heart R7308/A, Signet ring H1756, Necklace H2123-41, Oxidised bracelet H4185-21, St Christopher 4138]

You could also offer the products that can be engraved by customers themselves. Engraving can be placed in an obvious spot or on the reverse as with the St Christopher pictured.