21 January 2021


Statement or Stackable?

From ancient Egyptian times rings (the band with no end) have been seen as a powerful symbol of eternal love and life and so rings remain a constant staple of most jewellery collections. They can be the solo stand-out performer or an essential member of a chorus line that makes the whole performance sing!
If you are just starting out selling rings and are cautious about the investment, consider styles just in the most common sizes. For women we find M-Q most popular and for men R-W (with T the best seller). Offering a display of stacking rings is also a great way to give a new lease of life to rings that may have fallen out of the limelight – try pairing them with a more modern companion.


The beauty of a single statement ring is that they never go out of fashion and there are endless styles to choose from. Sparkling bling, antique, plain or inspired by royalty – all make a bold statement, photograph well and make for tempting displays.

Let us introduce you to some of our statement rings.

Wow Factor

(with just a hint of Tiffany glamour…)


Blog rings 1


Ideal for a wedding or special occasion display.


Blog rings 2


This ring is a bit like Kate Moss – very photogenic! The design is based on an antique Russian ring and it looks fabulous in displays and is always near the top of the best-selling rings list.

Royal Style

Always good sellers but experiencing a boost in popularity presently, perhaps due to the popularity of the Netflix series ‘The Crown’.


Blog rings 3

[R7502/S, R7491/S, H2718/C, H2735/C]

Rings based on royal weddings offering glamour and quality – the style without the price tag.

Simple Stones

Blog Rings 4

Left to right [H4212/B, R9049/B, H1559/C, Triple R8424/C, L8552/C]

Simple stones add sparkle and are the backbone of a ring collection.

Blog Rings 5

[H4399/Y, H4398/S]

Our newest additions to the statement range include this pretty pear-shaped cubic zirconia set in yellow gold-plate.

Amber rings

Blog Rings 6

[Amber left to right H4088/B, H4089/B, H3617/G]

Amber rings make a great statement and that chance to offer a range of unique pieces of natural history.

Organic shapes

Blog Rings 7

[R7000, R7001, R5379]

Simple but effective these rings are popular with customers whose identity leans towards the free-spirited and organic-style ranges.
Reliable sellers since 2009.

Men like to make a statement too.

Blog Rings 8

[Skull H4015, Onyx H3766/J, Celtic Band L7660]

Go biker look with our large skull ring; try the very popular black onyx or one that appeals across to all genders with a Celtic band.


Signet rings have perhaps been the ultimate expressions of individuality, originally emblazoned with family crests and historically used to stamp or sign documents as a personal signature. Reinvented in shape and form these modern reincarnations remain as popular as ever today offering customers the chance to create a one-of-a-kind piece by adding engraving for themselves or as a lasting gift.

Blog Rings 9

[Left to Right H4396/Y, H4396/S, H4394/Y, H4394/S, H4393/Y, H4393/Y, h4395/Y, H4395/S, H4392/Y and H4392/Y]

We predict these new shapes will appeal to the fashion-conscious.

Traditional signet ranges have evergreen appeal.

Blog Rings 10

[Round H2271, Square H3294]

A traditional round ring or a modern take on the ever-popular square signet


Flaunting several rings together on one or different fingers is part of the fashion that lets people stamp their own personality on their look.
Introduce your customers to the delights of collecting as stacking offers a chance for sales from the single statement to the whole selection. With the possibility of so many ways to mix and match it’s likely that you can tap into this trend whatever the style of your unique brand.

Where to start and which ones are the best to stack?

We’ve pulled together a covetable line-up of rings to help you sort through some of our available choices for your collections. You might want to create themed selections with similar tones and shapes to make sense of the abundance of choice. We suggest some below but you could also try seasonal favourites; stoned, celestial or whatever you fancy. We just asked our model to choose what she would wear!


Our ‘stackable’ section on the website has suggestions for slim rings but really anything goes!

Blog Rings 11

[Stack: H3995/Y, H4037/Y, H4249/Y Two hands; Left Middle; H3973/Y, H4087/Y. Ring; H3973/Y, Little; H3951/Y. Right Middle; H4037/Y, H3995/Y. Ring; H4249/Y, H3150/Y. Little; H4037/Y, H4086/Y, H4037/Y]

Slim rings enlivened by texture, stones or colour are the typical ‘stacker’ rings Easy and comfortable – good additions for everyday wear.

Blog Rings 12

Left middle; L-R H2882/S, H2295/C, H3834/S, R9932/C. Ring; H1986/S, H1091/C, Little; H4087/S, H1062/C, H3277] Right middle H4087/S, H4028/C, Ring; H1243/C, H3276. Little; H2007/C, H4087/S]

Go bold, mixing larger stones or charms.


Blog Rings 13

[R9962/C, H2707 and a new addition H4406/C]

We’ve had a mixed response to sales of ‘sets’ of stackable rings over time but these have been the ones that have captured our customers' imaginations and attracted regular sales and H4406/C is a new addition.