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23 March 2022

Re-launching the OTT

Our Treasure Trove 1

We would like to relaunch our take on a ‘charm bracelet’. We introduced the ‘OTT bracelet, last year but we found that the bracelet was not up to the high quality we demand. We sent the charm bracelet back to the manufacturer to be re-designed. It is now ready to be relaunched with the high quality you would expect from CME.

So, what has changed? The hinge has been completely re-designed and now has a dimple clasp to ensure the hinge is held together and there is no side to side movement which makes it more durable.

The CME team have been testing it by wearing it and putting it under some tough conditions. We are now happy with the quality of the bracelet and are happy to re-introduce it to the CME collection.

We would like to thank you all for your understanding around this matter and we hope you are as pleased with the re-design as we are. This stunning modern charm bracelet is now ready to order.

Our Treasure Trove 2

The details. How does it work?

The bracelet is 20mm long comprising 18 links, with every other link (nine) having a sprung hinge which allows the pendant/charm to be slipped on and then it springs shut. It can be opened at any point along its length. You can make the bracelet shorter simply by removing links as required and several could be added together to make a necklace.

Product Code: H4377-20

Our Treasure Trove 3

View the OTT Collection by clicking here!

Endlessly creative...

Charms can represent hobbies, interests, represent love, express personality and so offer endless chances to offer pieces to celebrate the important occasions. Here are some ideas....

Love is in the air...

Our Treasure Trove 4

Heart in a circle H2648/R, Blue topaz heart L7828/B, Heart with CZ H3426/C, Diamond-cut heart H4481/Y, Open heart with CZ H4471/S, Butterfly heart H3195/C, Amber heart R9694/M and Heart and key H1594/C.

Mix favoured keepsake items with new buys - anything goes

Our Treasure Trove 5

Butterfly R3992, St Christopher H4055, Lotus flower H3740/B, Forget-me not H4311/Y, Locket R7970/C, Tudor rose H3163/M, St Christopher R9746/Y and Cross H1659.

Celestial never fails

Our Treasure Trove 6

Open star H4405/C, Plain open star R7562, Shooting star H4292/Y, Amber star H2443/B, Gold star H4085/Y, Diamond-cut star 2527 and CZ star H2566/C.

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We love this charm bracelet and we hope it gives you some inspiration for your business. As always if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.