25 March 2024

Let's Outsparkle Diamonds with Moissanite

Welcome to our new moissanite collection.

Moissanite is a laboratory created stone (silicon carbide) that is made to look like a diamond. The allure of these stones lies in their harmonious blend of brilliance, strength, and durability, presenting a more luxurious alternative to cubic zirconia yet remaining more budget-friendly than diamonds. We've introduced this range to empower our retailers to offer a perfect balance between beauty, durability and affordability across their collections.

Here are some technical facts

Moissanite is graded by colour, cut and carat weight just like a diamond. The ones we have chosen initially are colour grade G to H which is in the middle of the GIA diamond colour scale (which runs from D to Z where D is colourless and Z slightly coloured) and is near colourless. Moissanite weighs less than diamonds but is cut to the same dimensions as diamond carat weights. Carat weights and cut are in our product specifications on the website.

  • Fire, sparkle, flame— with a refractive index of 2.65 (diamonds 2.42)
  • Hard — second only to diamonds on the Mohs hardness scale 9.25 (diamonds score 10).
  • Durable— PSI rating of 7.6 (diamonds 14.6)
Moissanite 1


Historically, Moissanite was first identified in rock samples extracted from a crater formed by a meteor crash 50 million years ago, discovered by the French scientist Dr. Henri Moissan and named in his honour. Initially mistaken for diamonds, he later discovered the distinct chemical composition as natural silicon carbide.

Due to its extreme rarity in its natural state, contemporary Moissanite is synthetically produced in laboratories. Moissanite is made to look similar to a diamond.

Moissanite stands out as the premier choice for those seeking both brilliance and durability, making it the ultimate alternative to diamonds.

Being a lab-created gem, Moissanite eliminates the need for mining, steering clear of conflicts associated with trade. While there is a manufacturing impact, the traceable and eco-friendly origins of Moissanite distinguish it from natural gemstones.

Moissanite 2

Our Range

We have selected a small range of rings, pendants and earrings to give retailers a taste for this lovely product. View full range here

We can source other styles or provide many of our existing CZ rings in moissanite if retailers find that they like the variety this collection offers.

The rings introduced in this range expand the options for affordable friendship and engagement rings, as well as pendants and earrings suitable for bridal occasions or personal indulgences.