Say ‘Ciao!’ to the Italian Collection

27 October 2022

Italian Style

[Earrings Stud H4718/Y, Drop H4720/Y, Necklace Circle H4719/Y, Drop H4721/Y]

Say ‘Ciao!’ to the Italian Collection

Italy and style are synonymous with one another. The country and culture is renowned for its beauty, confidence and sophisticated fashion.

From the timeless glamour of Sophia Loren to the revered and lusted-after Ferrari cars, there’s a magic associated with Italian design. The Italians are also unafraid to be bold, with vibrancy and experimentation at the forefront of their style.

For decades, Italian jewellery has excited, influenced and inspired the world. It’s one of the reasons we’ve been sourcing from both large and small suppliers in Italy since we began back in 1978.

This autumn we wanted to celebrate those partnerships and all things Italiano, so are delighted to present the Italian Collection. This range features pieces that all have the suave swagger of Italian design, as well as being simply perfect for the upcoming festive season.

When it comes to designing a successful and much-loved collection, keeping things simple is key. Here we introduce you to three of our suppliers who embody the 3 fundamental elements of our Italian Collection.

Artisan glamour

This Italian designer excels in the art of diamond cut tubing, which gives the range a distinct, yet artisan feel. Each piece exudes confidence, style and glamour and gives cubic zirconia sparkle a run for its money.

Italian 1

[Interlocking circle necklace H5170/Y, Circles Necklace H5175/Y, Circle bracelet H5173/Y, Paper chain link drop earring H5171/Y, Organic satin finish hoop H5172/Y, Snakeskin hoop H5168/Y, Square hoop H5169/S]

Contemporary quality

We’ve worked alongside this trusted supplier for many years now. They began working at one of the most famous jewellery companies in Italy, and are now a boutique independent outlet. With their experience and knowledge on side we can guarantee contemporary quality.

Italian 2

[Plain hoop H5193/S, Twisted hoop H5194/S, Round lock bracelet H5195-18, Curb bracelet H5196-19, Twisted bead earrings H5197/Y

Affordable luxury

Designed with passion and creativity, this collection brings the magic of Italian design to the fashion-conscious. Plus, this production company invests in new, exciting technologies that brings competitive advantages, meaning that you can pass affordable prices onto your customers.


Italian 3

[Plain hoops H5192/S, Knot on popcorn link bracelet H5188/Y, Love necklace H5191/S]

The Italian Collection gives all the feeling of true Italian design, alongside a modern elegance. We hope you feel inspired to add a touch of luxe to your collections this autumn.

To find out more about our range, take a look at [XX PAGES] or contact Debbie Hunt on 0116 283 2240.