The Hidden Collection

23 November 2022

Welcome to our ‘Hidden’ collection

We’ve picked out some of the trends that have attracted the attention of successful buyers across the year and where sales look set to continue strongly into 2023. These are not part of a specific collection or trend we have featured before but are definitely worthy of consideration.

Have you tried paper chain, also known as paperclip chain?

Paper chain is a contemporary chain style consisting of elongated links that are oval or rectangular in shape. Visually, each link resembles a paperclip, or paper chain decoration - hence the name. Its modern and unique style is appealing to those who love the tradition of wearing a chain-link necklace. Lightweight and comfortable, this is an affordable option that is vibrant and eye-catching. Equally at home displayed on its own, layered or to carry a charm or pendant. Available in necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, plain, textured or mixed with CZ or pearl.


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Best Selling Lines across the year. A mix of staples and trend-inspired design.

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[ Left to Right. Pearl Huggie H4910/S, Bevilled Hoop H1681, Diamond-Cut Hoop H2943, Angel Wing Anklet H2663-25, Star Studs H3222, 9ct. Gold Sleepers 3067, Amber Bee Drops H3683/B, CZ Moon and Star Huggies H3231/C, Dinosaur Studs H2785, Silver Sleepers L6426, Lightening Studs H2326/S, Pearl Studs R6434/W, G/PLTD Hoop H2696/Y, Silver Sleeper H3284/S, Silver Bead Stud 2817, Crossover Hoop H3803, Sunshine Stud H2812/S, CZ Stud H3438/C, Bead Stud 2818 ]


Staples are the important pieces that provide background sales to underpin profits. The longevity of many of our best sellers, as well as customer feedback, tells us that affordable, quality everyday pieces that offer good value for money build trust with customers, encouraging them to invest in higher price items. Invaluable at times of financial challenge. Fashionable jewellery doesn’t mean that pieces will have a short shelf life as many styles go on to become timeless classics or icons. Many of the featured items began life as parts of trends but are now well-established classics, such as bee motifs, elemental jewellery and ankle chains. We’ve looked at our best-selling items across the year to give you a range of products that attract impressive sales figures. These are the products that pay the bills.

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[Left to Right. CZ Tennis Bracelet R9065/C, Slim Hammered Bangle R7480, Soft Twist Bangle H1951/S, Tree of Life Pendant H1616, Phoenix Pendant H2748, Horseshoe Necklace H2330-46, Star Necklace H4527-45, Yellow Gold-Plated Anklet H2226/Y , Plain Ring R7855, Plain Signet H2269, Robin H2286/R, Cross L7702, Daisy H3060/D, Greyhound 2629, Circle Necklace H2329-46 ]

St Christophers - are perennially popular. The sale of St Christophers started to rocket at the end of lockdown as people began to journey out again and have stayed at the top of the best-seller list. Four feature in our top 100 best sellers.

Crosses - a symbol of belief and comfort. Sold for centuries, we sell hundreds of these simple designs every year.

CZ studs- the most reliable best-seller.

Bangles - with prices rising, introducing new bangles has been a challenge but these are two that sell out every time.

Hoop earrings are another style perennial. For such a simple design, they are remarkably versatile in terms of style and size. Smaller hoops are the best everyday sellers but hoops and mini hoops of all sizes and styles remain core to sales figures.

Nature pieces have become a jewellery classic. Bees and butterflies are good examples of trends which have gained jewellery icon status.

The Tree of Life – widely popular as a fashion statement and reflection of beliefs.

Phoenix - this pendant has been hugely popular since we introduced it in 2018 and now comes with matching stud earrings.

Bracelets – anything from dainty chains, slider and classic tennis make great staples and can be adapted to customise your collection.

Pearls - our best-seller list features a classic stud that we’ve sold since 2009 and on-trend mini-hoops that reflect the current popularity of contemporary pearls.

Stars, sun, moon and lightning – the elements never fail.

Ankle chains - not for everyone and no longer just for summer as four make our top 100 best-sellers list.

Rings - perfect for stacking, engraving or adding sparkle. Stocking rings and keeping all the sizes can be tricky but starting with a basic range in three sizes can prove worthwhile.

Necklaces – ever popular for per

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Best-selling hearts

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[Heart Locket R9363, Bead and Heart Slider H1451/S, Flat heart Bracelet H4443-19]