Flower Power

16 January 2024

Flower Power

Floral motifs have been captured and transformed into jewellery throughout history, and their appeal endures today. Their symbolism, natural aesthetics, and versatility make them an ideal source of inspiration for creating pieces that are not just beautiful, but also meaningful. They are tailor-made for personalised gift ranges.

Floral jewellery never goes out of fashion. Many of our best-selling lines feature elements of the natural world, with flowers being one of the favourites.

Whether you’re looking for designs planted in reality or something simply inspired by the natural world we have plenty on offer to help you build your collections, from both new and trusted successful sellers..

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Our birth flower range (pendants and earrings) has been selling well since 2018 and is a valuable addition to personalised gift ranges, for bridesmaids or simply nature lovers. These make pretty single pendant items or can marketed with a birth stone or tag to create a unique gift option.

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The Language of Flowers

Traditionally flowers are associated with deep symbolism and meaning. The Victorians were particularly fond of the symbolism and created a 'language of flowers'; roses for instance were associated with love and the daisy with purity, innocence, new beginnings, joy and cheerfulness. Both daisies and roses make up some of our most successful sellers.

Our CME exclusive 'daisy' was designed originally as part of our birth flower range. Sales proved so successful that we designed an entire range, with new pieces ready for launch in launch in February/March 24. We think the appeal lies in their simplicity and charm, and perhaps because they are easy to draw!!

Flower Power 2 Daisy

Versatility in Design

The versatility of flowers allows for a wide range of design interpretations. Whether it's a vintage-inspired silver locket or a modern pendant featuring abstract floral elements, the adaptability of flowers in design caters to diverse tastes and styles. This versatility ensures that floral jewellery remains relevant and fashionable across different eras and trends.

These designs take their inspiration more directly from the natural beauty of the flower.

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Inspiration from Abstract Floral Elements

Many designs draw inspiration from nature but interpret them in modern and abstract way using the organic shapes to create a contemporary but natural aesthetic.

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Best Selling Simplicity

Floral designs work very well at a lower price point, especially with studs. CME has a wide selection of floral studs as they are always popular and keep background sales buoyant. They provide a simple but effective silhouette. All styles sell, so it’s tricky to pick the best!

Here are 5 that have sold well already this year — but all attract strong sales. Search floral or visit our Flower Collection to see the full range.

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