Ear adornment

21 June 2021

The popularity of the ‘curated ear’, where multiple ear piercings are styled by the individual, continues to be popular, especially with the trendy or rebellious at heart! However, many customers want to create the same curated, customised look but don’t want to commit to the permanence of piercing. Enter climbers and ear cuffs which offer the style of a well-dressed ear without traders having to learn the anatomy of the ear and customers having to submit to the needle!

Ear cuffs have a long history, having been worn by women since ancient times, and were used by different cultures to represent rank, marital status or age and were viewed as an art form on the ear. Their great strength in these modern times is their versatility for endless mixing and matching to create styles for the everyday or extraordinary occasions.

Ear climbers are earrings which do require a piercing, but which fix like a regular stud and hug the curve of the ear (auricle) and create a more eye-catching effect than a simple stud.

The great thing for traders is that all these options can be worn in combination to create different looks and styles to appeal to a wide range of consumers.

Let’s start simple

Although multiple piercings may dominate on the red carpet, in reality most consumers perhaps have one or two ear lobe piercings.

Adding a cuff for the ear with a single piercing for glamour.

Blog Ear 2

[Drop H2839/C, Cuff H3578/C]
[Plain cuff H3577/Y, Large stud H4264/Y, Small stud H4226/Y]
[Drop H4475/Y, Cuff H4403/Y]

Pull throughs

These fun little numbers are great for adding a little something to the ear adornment wardrobe and offer a light and comfortable alternative to the simple stud.

We find these popular with online buyers.

For our full range see Women’s - Earrings - Pull throughs

Blog Ear 4

[Daschund stud H4461/Y, Heart push-through H3434/Y]
[Push-through H4454/Y, Plain cuff x 2 H3577/Y, Beaded cuff x 2 H3576/Y]

Simple asymmetric sets – style for one ear or two

Blog Ear 6

[Starfish asymmetric set H3817/Y]
[Starry double drop asymmetric pair H4327/Y]
[Key and padlock asymmetric pair H4209/Y]

Layering ear style


Blog ear 8

CZ ear cuff H3854/Y, Rainbow CZs drop H3997/Y, CZ birthstone stud H3105/E]


Blog ear 9

[CZ cuff H4402/Y, Plain cuff H3577/Y, Flower stud H4363/Y, Freshwater pearl drop H4274/Y]
[Pearl double stud H3432/W, Pull through H3236/S, Double beaded cuff H3579/S]
[Drop H3981/S Beaded double cuff H3579/S, CZ and freshwater pearl stud H3226/S]

Cubic zirconia

Blog Ear 10

[CZ cuff H4402/Y, Plain cuff H3577/Y, Flower stud H4363/Y, CZ drop H4401/Y]

On trend

Blog Ear 11

[Plain cuff H3577/Y, CZ single cuff H4402/S, Heart knot stud H3965/Y, Heart drop H4169/Y]
[Plain cuff x 2 H3577/Y, Beaded cuff x 2 H3576/Y, Pearl push through H3102/Y, Hoop H4250/Y]
[Drop H3980/S, Celestial stud H4020, Cuff x 2 H3578/C]
[Drop H4327/Y, Star stud H4463/Y, Plain cuff H3577/Y, Single CZ cuff H4402/Y]
[Star drop H4416/Y, Plain cuff H3577/Y, CZ star J hoop H3111/Y]
[Star drop H4416/S, CZ and star stud H3115/C, CZ cuff H3578/C]
[Mini strawberry hoop H4468/Y, CZ initial H2999/R, Plain cuff H3577/S, CZ cuff H3578/C]

Go full on

Blog Ear 12

[Plain cuff H3577/Y, Single CZ cuff H4402/Y, Wavy CZ cuff H3854/Y, Beaded cuff x 2 H3576/Y, Pull through H4472/Y, hoop with CZ and Plain hoop H3974/Y]

Climbers and crawlers for simple or extravagant embellishment

Blog Ear 13

One piercing – lots of impact

[Climber H1495/C, Plain cuff H3577/S, CZ cuff H3578/C, Double bead-ed cuff H3579/S, Single CZ cuff H4402/S]
[Climbers pull through H2633, Plain cuff H3577/S, CZ cuff H3578/C, Double beaded cuff H3579/S, Single CZ cuff H4402/S]
[Climber H4010/S, Plain cuff H3577/S, CZ cuff H3578/C, Double beaded cuff H3579/S, Single CZ cuff H4402/S]

Add some colour

Blog Ear 14

[Climber H4233, Plain cuff H3577/S, Double beaded cuff H3579/S]
[Plain cuff x 2 H3577/Y, Beaded cuff x 2 H3576/Y, Rainbow hoop H4236/Y, Bar stud H4150/Y]

Questions traders may be asked about ear cuffs

What is an ear cuff?
An ear cuff is a piece of jewellery that is worn around the outer edge of the ear. It simply slips over the cartilage and gives a similar look to that of a helix or snug piercing.

Do I need pierced ears to wear an ear cuff?
The beauty of ear cuffs is that you don’t need to have your ears pierced to wear an ear cuff. They are versatile, require no commitment and, most importantly, there is no pain involved when wearing an ear cuff.

You can change your look as often as you like, and you won’t need to worry about caring for a piercing. Many people also choose to wear ear cuffs alongside their ear piercings so whatever your look, ear cuffs can work for you. Ear cuffs can also be a way for customers to try out cartilage piercings before committing to the needle.

How do I put them on?

CME Zoe Earrings.mp4 from CME Wholesale Jewellery on Vimeo.

It is best to take a little time to make sure that your ear cuff is fitting nicely. If not put on correctly, ear cuffs can be quite uncomfortable or may not be secure enough and could fall off. Avoid this by finding your best fit with this method that works with any ear cuff.

• Begin by standing in front of a mirror and holding the ear cuff parallel to your ear.
• Slip the cuff on the thinnest part of your ear, and then slide it down to adjust.
• The ear cuff should securely hug your ear and feel comfortable.
• You’ll know that it’s the right size when you can gently tug on it, and it doesn’t come off.

Can ear cuffs be adjusted to size?

Silver is a soft metal and can be adjusted gently. Ear cuffs can be carefully pinched between the thumb and forefinger and gently pressed in until the desired size is reached.
They can also be ‘sized up’ slightly using a pair of pliers to expand the space between the two ends – whilst protecting the metal with a soft cloth, just apply equal pressure outward to expand the cuff to keep it balanced.