Circles in Jewellery Design

30 October 2023

The Appeal of the Circle in Jewellery Design

Designs involving geometric circles are some of most popular and enduring designs. Why is this?

Designs based on the geometric circle are alway top sellers and so we thought we'd take a closer look at the power of the circle and its ability to transcend design trends.

It seems the answer to its enduring popularity lies in both nature, science and psychology.

Circles surround us, from our pupils to the planets. A preference for circular shapes is ingrained in all of us from a very early age, with even very young babies showing a preference for curved lines that evoke safety, as opposed to sharp angles which could signal threat or injury. Circular designs appeal to human psychology representing a sense of completeness, infinity and harmony. They have no beginning or end which makes every aspect equal. To many people these features lead them to see circles as symbols of infinity, harmony, the circle of life, or eternal love, and for many people jewellery imbued with symbolism is a key aspect of their buying choice.

Customers may therefore seek the eye-catching simplicity of the circle or the associated symbolism of unity, harmony, eternity and love.

Let’s start with the simplest ,and perhaps the most visually striking. The plain circle.

Circle 1

Linked Circles


Interlocking or linked circles are sometimes taken to symbolise the bond between loves, friends or family. From a design persepective the eye is drawn to the continuous and flowing lines which makes these a popular choice for collections.


Circle 3

Drawing Attention

Circles can be the default design element when designers want to draw attention to a particular element, which is why it is one of the most used shapes in advertising. The outer circle in these pieces leads the eye to the feature enclosed within, which can be a simple stone or more elaborate element.


Circle 4


The circle is a poweful tool for a designer through its versatility. Here circles are repeated, added to other designs to add interest, or graduated in size.

Circle 6