27 September 2023

Building a Christmas Collection

[Bangles H1951/S/Y/R, Signet Ring, Cushion H1757 Oval H2269]


Christmas is a wonderful time of year and jewellery makes the best gift. Here we offer our thoughts on building a collection for Autumn that will leave your competitors in the dust! We’ve looked at trends, bestsellers and offer ideas to inspire.

Let’s start with those 'must have' essentials that sell all year round and garner reliable sales. These are taken from our bestseller list and feature pieces that sell in quantity, across a variety of outlets, all year round (and some for many years) and so have popular appeal. Also see our 'Hidden Collection' Blog from last year.


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Shimmering metallics on the catwalk herald a move towards a fashion for sparkle and, as no festive celebration is complete without it, it’s time to make collections shine.

Every occasion is a sparkle worthy time of day and the trend seems to fall into two camps – subtle glimmer or spirited sparkle.

Subtle Glimmer

Tennis bracelets and pave are adding subtle sparkle for everyday. The smooth liquid articulation of these pieces makes them comfortable to wear, classy and sophisticated. The classic tennis style with a single line of stones the same size is still spot on trendwise, and this gives them longevity making them them safe stock investments. Design innovations mean different sized stones and colours are all attracting attention too. Anklets are also getting in on the act.

[Earrings Rub-over H2840/C, Long Tennis H1038/C, Short Tennis H2644/C, Heart Anklet H6007/S. Tennis Necklaces will be available in white, pink and turquoise H6021/S/P/T]

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Spirited Sparkle for Evening Collections

These eye-catching pieces are great for occasion collections including the festive season or weddings.

[CZ Sparkle: Earrings Swirl Stud H6027/S, Long Pear Drop H6019/S, Ice Earring Stud H6026, Necklace H6011/S]

Spirited Sparkle for Evening Collections


The resurgence in pearl popularity may have started on catwalk but pearls are now an established trend with designers, influencers and celebrities all fans and it seems set to continue. Pearls are surprisingly versatile. They can be luxuriant, minimalist or statement-making. Whether it’s pearl necklaces featuring pearls of different sizes and shapes, pearl earrings combined with cubic zirconia, or pearl bracelets of any style, pearls provide an air of unmatched elegance.

[Pearl Hoop H5618/S, Pearl Drop Necklace H5539/S, Pearl and Chain H5542/Y]

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The label ‘Italian style’ instantly draws attention and interest.

Italian style is characterized by sophistication, elegance and attention to detail, as well as a love of beauty, art and history.

Jewellery manufacturers and designers produce jewellery with a combination of high-tech manufacturing techniques and old-world craftsmanship. Their jewellery marries the tradition of Italian jewellery making with the modern and contemporary looks that make a splash on the fashion scene. Perfect for men and women.

[Necklaces H4719/Y, H4721/Y. Earrings H4718/Y, H4720/Y]

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