20 July 2022


We hope to let you into the secret of many successful traders, inspire you to release your inner creativity and develop some one-of-of-a kind pieces in an affordable way for your brand.

We love developing unique products with our customers but we realise this is not possible for everyone as it involves minimum order quantities and so we have explored alternative, affordable ways to help customers individualise their products.

Why might you consider making something unique?

Offering something that is just a bit different attracts repeat business and the good news is that you don’t have to start from scratch. Many successful traders find that getting inventive with products that they can buy off the shelf, and by making small adjustments produce a ‘new, fresh line’ which helps them to gain a competitive advantage.

We’ve introduced two ranges which can help retailers to get started with customising products in an accessible way.




This ‘Collectables’ range offers a selection of interchangeable charms that can be added to the necklaces H5091/S and H5091/Y. Retailers could market these as a set so that customers can mix and match to create their own individual looks or select charms to create unique pieces for their own brand.

If these prove popular we will seek to add more charms with new necklace designs.


Don’t stop at just adding these charms to this necklace. Tiny and affordable, these charms make great additions to other products to add an alternative twist without adding significantly to the overall cost. Alternatively, add other small pendants from your stock to this necklace – perhaps there is a product that needs a new lease of life?

Combine a ‘Collectable’ charm with a popular pendant to add a character twist.

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[St Christopher 4140 with Collectable cross charm with H5067/S Light curb 2355-35. Moon pendant H4441/Y with Collectable star charm H5063/Y, Satellite chain H4123-36]

Add a Collectable charm to an anklet or necklace to catch a trend

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[Bracelet L6884-19 with Collectable charms H5065/S and H5064/S. Anklet L6949-24 with Collectable charms H5064/S and H5068/S]

Add a Collectable charm to an earring

(the orientation of H5066/S/Y makes this suitable for adding to earrings as well as other products – also, see below for specific earrings charms that can customise many different types of hoop).

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[Hoop H2167/Y with Collectable Charm H5066/Y and Hoop H2941/S with Collectable Charm H5066/S]

Make it personal by adding a Collectable charm to an initial or birthstone

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[Initial H3104/J with Collectable charm H5065/Y on chain H1240-36]

Don’t be disheartened if it takes some trial and error to get going. Also, please note the jump rings for the charms in the ’Collectables’ range being 3.5mm internal diameter are not suitable for every bracelet or necklace.

Get handy with jump rings for endless versatility

Getting handy with adding jump rings can give you many more options to be creative. Small pendants or more traditional charms with adjustable jump rings can be added to a wider variety of bracelets or necklaces to create new product lines. The advantage here is that you can adjust the size of the jump ring to accommodate the chain or the orientation of an earring.

Customise a braceletwith some traditional favourites- no need to stick with a traditional charm bracelet

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[Bracelet H3304-19 with 21 Key R4027 and Pisces Birth Sign R5942]

Explore our variety of findings to help with your creative exploration

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5 mm 3077/5S, 6mm 3077/6S, 7mm 3077/7S, 6mm 9ct gold jump ring 3077/S6




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Slipping these bright earring charms onto hoops adds a real zing and creates a product line that’s fresh and eye-catching. There’s the added bonus that they come in the full range of birthstone colours. Look at the product page on the website to see suggestions for hoops that are suitable, but as hoops continue to dominate as a major trend our ever-expanding range presents endless prospects for invention.

Contact for advice about any particular product combination.

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Top to bottom/ left to right [H5058/Y +H4784/E, H3586/Y+H4784/G, H4660/Y+H4784/HH4530/Y+H4784/A, H2166/Y+H4784/B]


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Traders should always check the Terms and Conditions of their sales platforms to understand what is defined as ‘unique’ on any given sales platform.