5 reasons to introduce a children’s collection to your range

30 August 2022

5 reasons to introduce a children’s collection to your range

There’s no doubt about it, children’s jewellery is an exciting and growing market with great revenue potential for retailers. There’s something about a lasting keepsake like jewellery that appeals to all ages. In fact, many of our best and longest selling lines are from our Junior range. From Christenings to birthdays and other milestones, with the potential for personalisation by engraving or combining unique symbols like birthstones, these luxury-yet-affordable pieces could be your perfect venture into this market. We’ve added to a best-selling collection with both new and original designs (from our recent heart and angel collection to the upcoming animals and insects range) that reflect the innocence of childhood, as well as giving retailers - and their customers - choice for all gifting occasions.

CME General Manager Debbie Hunts says, “We think that these simple but appealing pieces will capture any child’s attention, whilst parents and grandparents will appreciate the value and design.”

Take a look at our top reasons to introduce a children’s collection to your range and explore some of our best-selling lines.

1. The junior market is becoming broader

From birthstone crystal bears to mini stegosaurus sterling silver pendants the options for a children’s collection are vast and exciting - and they reflect the demand for it too! Of course, your more traditional pieces like Christening jewellery will never go out of style, but as a whole, the market for children’s jewellery has increased and continues to do so.

5 reasons child section 1

[Birthstone CZ bear H4389/L, Bracelet G1042, Triceratops stud H4550/Y,Heart pendant H5224/L]

2. There are so many milestones and events to celebrate

Gifting jewellery to little ones (and slightly older ones too!) is rooted in tradition. For so many cultures across the world, jewellery holds special significance as it’s built to last. It’s rarely thought of as a measure of wealth, but more as an expression of love to be kept for a lifetime. Because of this, it’s a fantastic gift choice for the many milestones and events that children H5224/lcelebrate. From the classic Christening, bridesmaid and birthday gifts to occasions such as passing an exam, losing a tooth or taking part in a ballet recital, a meaningful keepsake of jewellery will always fit the bill.

5 reasons child section 2

[St Christopher H4735, Foot H5383/S, Angel G1096/Y, Heart G1008/C]

3. You can include both trending and timeless pieces

Our range caters for both those that want the latest in fashion trends and those who are keen for something a little more traditional. For younger ages - around 5-10 years old - our best-selling jewellery items are more on the classic side. Loved by all, angels, hearts, stars, animals, lockets or cartoons are featured in almost every range. They’re consistent and sure-fire sellers, which makes it easy for you to predict sales.

And when it comes to trends, if anyone’s got their finger on the pulse, it’s young people. Trend influences can come from parents, friends or their favourite celebrity, and we remain on top of them to be sure we’re delivering in-demand pieces. For instance, personalisation has been a key trend of recent times, so we’ve created lots more products that can be customised with initials and birthstones.

5 child reasons Section 3

[Initial H5071/C, Pearl Stud G1063/P, Unicorn Stud H3696/Y]

4. They sit at the right price point for affordable luxury

As a precious metal that’s widely perceived as valuable, silver sits at a perfect price point for children’s jewellery as it’s neither the most expensive nor the cheapest option.This means it can last the wear-and-tear of a busy child’s life while still providing a little luxury - a sensible and appealing plus for both parents and grandparents.

5 reasons child section 4

[Heart Locket H5078/Y,Angel Bangle H5079/Y, Angel pendant H5078/Y, Angel Studs H5080/Y]

5. It makes great business sense

When buying jewellery for children, adults will want reassurance that the pieces are high quality, good value, genuine and follow the British Hallmarking conventions. This means they’ll seek out an established, reputable jewellery retailer. Tick these boxes for them and you could have dedicated customers for life. (Parents may also even be tempted to get a little something for themselves while shopping for the children!)

Another great way to build repeat business is through the use of collections. By stocking both bracelets and the charms that sit on them, you’re creating an excellent opportunity to bring customers back time and time again as they build their bracelet into a collection of memories.

5 reasons child 6

[Child's charm bracelet R8133, Clip-on football boot R1107, Clip-on ballet dancer R5951, Clip-on musical notes R5954, Clip-on angel R5972, Horse 2611 + Jump ring 3077/5S, Greyhound 2629 + Jump ring 3077/5S]

With so many beautiful options and lots of plus points, we hope you’ve been inspired to think about introducing a children’s collection to your jewellery range. To find out more, take a look at our website or call Sales on 0116 283 2240.