27 April 2021

We have been looking at the fashion predictions for 2021 to shine a light on the jewellery that brides may come seeking to match their outfits. The pandemic has added extra challenge to such predictions with uncertainties around the allowable size of guest lists, so that weddings may be smaller, more intimate affairs. Outdoor weddings seem to be on the agenda for starters - which could be the full formal, hay bales, beach, or bohemian flavour events. Couples may opt for a sequel wedding with a small ceremony and then a big party later, so jewellery collections may need to offer versatility. Customers with bridal shops also tell us that brides want to buy jewellery that they can wear again and again.

Whatever the size of the event, brides will still want to be centre stage and accessorise their look to make their day memorable.

Dress designs also influence the style of jewellery in demand, and fashion writers this year suggest that popular necklines will include strapless, square- and halter-neck designs – so prepare to offer choices that complement the styles. Dresses may be shorter, too, giving the chance to introduce an ankle chain or two.

Lots to consider when building a bridal collection for the brides of 2021!

Simple modern – think sleek, simple sculptural gowns or tailored jumpsuits.

We have two suggestions for the minimalist bride which incorporates two jewellery trends we see developing this season:


Delicate is a design movement which is appearing more and more often. Adding dainty touches can offer choices that are pretty, affordable, and wearable.

Blog Wedding 1

[Rub-over CZ necklace R9063/C, Cubic zirconia star necklace, H2116-42, Butterfly drop earrings H4382/Y, 45cm Cube chain H4260-45, Pearl & White CZ Pendant R9072 on 2355-45, a diamond-cut curb, Heart necklace H4443-42]


For the bride who dares to be different and wants her accessories to make a statement. Ear pins certainly make a statement and are great for the after party when paired with an elegant tapered cuff and on-trend heavy link necklace.


Blog Wedding 2

[Ear pin H4439/C, Cuff H3076, Heavy chain link necklace H4136-46]

Outdoor ceremonies

Outdoor ceremonies with boho chic may appeal to the bride looking for a laid-back vibe. Pretty, informal jewellery pieces fit the bill; special, but also great for wearing anytime, anywhere.

Blog Wedding 5

[Shell necklace H3410/Y, Bead-edged hoops H4446/Y, Simple heart clasp chain bracelet H4418-19, Add an anklet for hidden sparkle or for shorter styles H2331-26]

Tradition with a twist

Romantic and traditional and yet very current.

Brides wanting to make their earrings a main feature may seek a range to help them create the artfully crafted ear. Options include studs, huggies and cuffs which add edge but with no piercing required!

Blog Wedding 7

[Ear cuff H4402/S, Beaten push-through H4388/S, Diamond-cut beaded hoop, H4218/S, Rings irregular CZ and plain H4147/S, Bracelet H4201-19]

Here the model wears a stunning diamond-cut collar H4201-43 which is a nod to the traditional but combined with fully accessorised ears with beaten push-throughs and a CZ ear cuff, which presents sleek and individual styling. The necklace has a matching bracelet, H4201-19.


These are delicate pieces with a vintage feel, perhaps not the obvious choice, but their intricate styling would elevate a romantic bridal gown.


Blog Wedding 8

[Amber necklace H4107/L, Bee earrings H4390/S, Bangle H3697/S]

Special offers with full-on glamour

Due to the lack of celebration events last year, we have some excellent special offer items that you might like to consider if forward planning for weddings or even, perhaps, festivities later in the year. These covetable, versatile pieces are great for any celebration and a glamourous choice for brides.

Blog Wedding 9

[Special offer Necklace H3905/C paired with Earrings H2839/C, CZ ear cuff H3578/C]

Blog Wedding 10

[Special offer Earrings H3906/C paired with Ear cuff H3578/C]

Blog Wedding 11

[Bracelet H1397-16, Necklace H1634/C, Offset CZ necklace H3054/C, Leaf bracelet H3812/C, Three-row tennis H2561/C]

Pastel shades

Pastel coloured dresses are on the agenda for brides in 2021.

Consider some pastel shaded jewellery options for your collection to offer choice for the brides who want to add just a touch of colour.

Blog Wedding 12

[Small crystal heart stud H3315/P, Pink pearl stud R6434/P, Purple CZ stud H2275/C, Purple crystal heart stud R9242/P, Lavender crystal flower stud R8551/L, Celtic drop L5460, 3-stud set L6872, Bracelet H3325/C. This bracelet is from our rainbow collection, but it's subdued tones are more pastel than bright, Rose gold ring H3240/C, Blue topaz and CZ halo pear drop pendant H4498.

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue

Many brides opt for jewellery to fulfil this tradition and synthetic sapphire pendants create a striking look whilst blue topaz has a gentler aesthetic. Birthstones are also a popular choice and are available in sets. (Type ‘blue’ into the search box of our website for other suggestions)

Blog Wedding 13

[Blue topaz and CZ pendant R9058/B, CZ pull-through hoops H4452/Y, Shell earrings R9249/B, Synthetic blue sapphire and CZ ring R7496/B, Blue M-O-P leaf R3740/B, Locket 4892, Synthetic sapphire and CZ pendant R7499/S, Blue opal push though H4454/Y, Birthstone H3106/C]

For the bridesmaids

Nothing says thank you like jewellery – it lasts forever and creates a lasting memory.

Florals are featuring on fabrics and design for 2021 and, as flowers have an everlasting appeal as inspiration for jewellery, we are suggesting this as a possible theme for bridesmaids' gifts.

For the little ones, a cute set.

Blog Wedding 14

[Engravable bracelet and G1042, Enamel daisy earring R8536/W and Enamel pendant R8550/W]

For the more sophisticated

Blog Wedding 15

[Initial H4415/A, Birth flower H3895/J, 9ct gold CZ flower stud R9815/C, Amber teardrops with floral decoration H4076/B on a light Prince of Wales chain 2345-45]

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